Transforming your Leadership

True transformation begins with the courageous journey inward
I am boosting CEO’s, Senior HR leaders and their leadership teams on a bespoke transformational journey towards new leadership.

As a CHRO mastermind, I am sharing my award winning expertise. Giving you new insights, personal guidance, lots of inspiration and empowerment that will take your business, your team and yourself to a whole new level. Boosting body, mind, soul, spirit and success!

The below 2 companies are other businesses I founded as part of my own transformational leadership journey.
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20+ countries

25+ years experience

4+ industries

Former CHRO of the year (NL & DE)

I love my clients!

Over the past years, I've had the privilege of working as an Executive Coach, International HR Expert, and/or boardroom consultant with exceptional companies to guide their leaders, ignite growth, give new insights & inspiration and drive impactful change.

Executive Coaching

Embark on a bespoke transformational journey towards new leadership.
Igniting further personal growth, boosting your energy, getting new awareness and unleashing locked potential.

Grow yourself and your teams

My unique six-dimension coaching model

As a CHRO & Executive coach, I have supported many CEO's and Senior HR leaders over the past years and as each person is truly unique, I believe that a tailor-made coaching programme is essential for the development of new leadership skills to unlock the full potential of each leader.
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High Value Coaching Programmes

Individual Executive Coaching

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Transform your performance and positively impact others.

Premium CHRO Programme

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Elevate yourself and your team to a next level in HR leadership.

Leadership Team Programme

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Get the best out of your leadership team.

CHRO Mastermind Retreat

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I absolutely love working with Anne! She is one-of-a-kind and has been an absolute game changer for me and my team."
Esme Valk
CHRO - Schiphol Group


Using my award winning expertise and international experience gained within many global organisations and various industries, I support those CEO's and/or CHRO's to transform their leadership team capability, ignite transformation and boost growth.

The expertise of a CHRO Mastermind to help you

Success Stories

Odyssey Hotel Group

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Guiding a new hotel company to scale for significant international growth and build an exclusive brand.


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Creating a new EVP and Employer Brand globally.
Merging the German & Dutch Talent Acquisition teams. Designing a new uniform candidate journey.

Royal Schiphol Group

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Acting as the trusted advisor and mentor of the CHRO and her leadership team in challenging times.
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"Anne is a force for good: warm, tough and innovative.
She helped me at the start of a new HR management challenge to bring focus to my actions."
Els Oosthoek
HR Director - Topaz
Janine Vos
CHRO Rabobank & TopWoman
of the year 2022

I am Anne’s biggest fan. I truly love working with her as my personal CHRO Coach. For the last 2 years she has played a pivotal role in further developing myself and my HR Leadership team in our team & personal development. She is also a passionate HR Changemaker and a true gift to our CHRO Community. I highly recommend working with her.