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Rick van Erp - CEO - Odyssey Hotel Group
Anne has helped me tremendously in shaping the company to make it fit for its future growth. Anne is a great listener & very experienced. I really like to work with Anne. I especially enjoy the speed and brightness the sessions always carry. For me, she is my trusted advisor & go-to person. I highly recommend all CEO’s to meet and work with Anne.
Katarzyna Pichler - Managing Partner at Innovatic Group
Anne is a great Executive Coach and Boardroom Consultant I love working with Every session has a strong impact: wow moment, insights, inspiration, motivation to act, strategic and operational action points to work on and the changes you make are sustainable.Her coaching helps you to bring the business and your senior team to the next level.
Jasper Bron - CEO Technogym
Anne brings new energy, empowers me and my team, challenges the status quo and has great business acumen. I mostly enjoy her style, i.e. smart and direct questions, easy to talk to, innovative thinking, making complex things simple and always with a healthy sense of humour.
Jenny Jane Seitner - HRD - Sales Force Central Europe
Anne‘s personal coaching as well as her Leadership Program is a one-of-a-kind experience. Energized and fueled with inspiration, learning and fun, I am encouraged to further explore the impact I can have in my professional life. I love working with Anne. Highly recommended to all Executive Changemakers!
Paul Arakelian - Managing Director - P5COM
It is so refreshing and enriching to work with Anne Jaakke as a person and professional! Both in terms of new insights and results, but also in terms of your own energy levels and mindset.
Valerie Bohnenn - HR Director - Ricoh EMEA
I attended Anne's CHRO Leadership Program. The best "event/training/coaching..." ever! It's Intensive, in-depth, peer to peer coaching and brainstorming on strategic topics. A new robust set-up (also for empowering female leadership) adds genuine value to any business.
Vi Patel - COO - Hunkemöller
Anne is a clear game-changer. With her talent and her energy, she is able to help a lot of companies in setting, directing and executing a clear strategy and to help leaders and their teams drive change.
Kiki van den Berg - Executive Vice President HR Strategy & Transformation - Rabobank
I am very grateful for having attended Anne’s exclusive 2-day coaching programme. A 24hr coaching retreat. Anne really gave me so many insights and above all, she is a super sweet and powerful woman! I am very happy that our paths crossed. I would highly recommend this exclusive 24hr programme to all executives!

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