“Everybody deserves a great leader and a great place to work”.


Anne Jaakke
CHRO & Executive Coach | Advisor Sr. Leadership | International | HR consultancy | Founder #Fantistics | The BoardBoost | Ex CHRO of the year | Keynote Speaker

Founder Fantistics (2020)
Founder HR ChangeMakers (2020)
Managing Partner - The Board Boost (2022)
Global HR Director - Hunkemöller International BV (2014-2020)
HR Director Australia - Fitness First Australia (2010-2014)
HR Director Europe - Fitness First Europe (2010)
Head of Learning & Development - Whitbread (2007-2008)
HR Director - David Loydd Leisure (2005-2007)
HR Manager - Autogrill (2001-2005)
Coordinator Recruitment & Training - Tempo-Team (1998-2000)

Top Employer NL + Germany - (2020-2021)
Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership
International Accreditation Coach Federation (2012)

Anne Jaakke, ex CHRO of the year, has lived and/or worked in more than 20 countries and is a passionate ChangeMaker & innovative thought leader. After 25 years of holding senior executive positions, she one day decided to swap the boardroom for founding a startup, take herself out of her comfort zone and reinvent herself to help drive innovation in HR & leadership. In March 2020 she set up her own successful practice as an internationally accredited executive coach & award winning international HR expert.

Anne grew up with a mother who studied spirituality and a dad who was a general manager of a hotel. As a result she embraced practices and expertise of both the “alternative world” as well as the business world. Over the last 25 years she invested equally in growing her expertise in HR, leadership, the boardroom as well as in body, mind, soul and spirit practices. She has a modern family with 4 kids after marrying Paul in 2021

“Everybody deserves a great leader and a great place to work”. I am passionate about helping open minded leaders evolve their own leadership and that of their leadership team. Most leaders are so absorbed by their busy daily routine that they aren’t spending enough time to reflect, reset and work on their self awareness and energy levels. As a result they aren’t really thriving and positively influencing their teams dynamics and business results. I believe that when leaders invest in their body, mind, soul and spirit it has an impact on their own success, their teams and their business."

I am here to inspire, support & share my expertise with forward thinking (HR) Leaders to boost their success, give new insights  and help them evolve their leadership. I am passionate about innovating HR,  empowering leaders to be the best they can be by embracing body, mind, soul and spirit in their business routine and building a community of ChangeMakers to be able to share knowledge & network. Giving new insights and inspiration, helping to boost (team) transformation and sharing expertise within the HR community is what I want to be famous for.


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