CHRO Leadership Program
A new powerful set up for empowering female (HR) leadership
You probably never have enough time in your day, let alone having the time to pause and reflect. Leading (HR) transformation and the future of work is a tough and often a very lonely job.
Until you decide otherwise…  
Want to be empowered, re-energised, explore your universe, share best (HR) practices with peers while having a fantastic time?

New Insights, innovation, inspiration and impact
This exclusive 3-day leadership program empowers you to lead change with authenticity and confidence and propel you to the next level.  Gaining new perspectives, building a powerful network, becoming part of a trusted mini community, plus renewing your own energy and passion for (HR) leadership. Embark on a new phase of your own personal journey in great company and with the right support.
The best event, training and coaching... EVER!

It's Intensive, in-depth, peer to peer coaching and brainstorming on strategic topics. A new powerful set up for empowering female leadership, adding true value to all businesses. As a bonus you’ll gain a network of professionals which will last!
Valerie Bohnenn - Hr Director - Ricoh EMEA
Every (HR) Leader deserves this empowering program which feels like a treat and helps you succeed in leadership & life.
“Surrounded by passionate and experienced ChangeMakers, I deeply enjoyed the CHRO retreat. This 3-day program in a beautiful setting helped to develop and sharpen a personal purpose plan, benchmark and get input on your HR plan and above all, establish a strong and warm CHRO network.”
Suzanne Verzijden - CHRO - Sig Combibloc


We know that a career enhancing learning experience can be created when we tap into the power of the collective.  We create an inspirational environment and empower magic moments within the team. A spiritual business experience.  The selection of CHRO participants for each "big sister house " retreat is something we put real effort into, to make sure you getto connect on multiple levels.


When was the last time you really paused to review how you are doing? If you are still on-track? If you are still happy with your results and your leadership? Do you have a good plan for the future? Business & personal goals that excite you? Have you sound checked and compared notes with other peers and experts?


Being a Senior (HR) leader is often a challenging, complex and lonely job.We invite 4 to 8 other seasoned HR leaders with whom you can form a unique expert community. New friendships that will last a career lifetime.The ‘Big Sister House’ is a trusted place to benchmark,discuss and share in a safe and relaxing environment.


It has been a really challenging period especially in your role.Your leadership has been tested and you have been looking after the people in your business and your CEO. BUT… what about you? Your energy levels and how you manage them defines your success! Let’s do an energy audit and improve your energy management and passion!

"Your network is your net worth"

Suzanne Verzijden - CHRO - Sig CombiBloc
This 3-day program in a beautiful setting helped to develop and sharpen a personal purpose plan, benchmark and get input on your HR plan and above all, establish a strong and warm CHRO network. A true gift!
Hella van de Haterd - Global HRBP - Just Eat Takeaway
The HR leadership program really enabled me to connect with other impactful female HR leaders as well as reconnect with myself & my purpose. It was time super well spent investing in myself and building a supportive HR network of CHRO's.

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