Creating a new EVP and Employer Brand globally.

The consultancy assignment was with MediaMarkt Saturn, a retail company with 50.000 employees operating from 13 countries. Headquarters is based in Ingolstadt. I was appointed directly by the CHRO Iris Pruefer following presenting the outcomes of the fanployer scan to the executive Board in May 2021 ( I reported to her and worked closely together with the Head of Global Employer Branding & Recruitment till September 2022.

This special global HR assignment involved 2 big elements

1. To redesign the candidate journey to decrease time to hire and improve the overall candidate experience and create uniform ways of working internationally .

2. To create a new employer value proposition (EVP) for MediaMarkt Saturn worldwide and roll out a renewed Employer brand globally. I was responsible as external lead for leading the process to get to a renewed design, new narrative and the overall roadmap.

The consultancy activities involved a.o. managing all stakeholders, including regular updates and input gathering with the executive team and international HR Directors & Managing Directors. Facilitating various persona workshops internationally, selecting a creative agency through a complex tender process, implementing global recruitment standards and a global dashboard on talent acquisition.

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