Leadership (Team) Coaching
Every top athlete has a top coach. Business is a top sport so why not have a top business coach too? Dare to reflect, dare to take ownership, dare to be vulnerable, dare to relax, dare to change, dare to innovate yourself and your team.
I have worked and lived in over 20 countries around the world and worked in 4 different industries. I have had amazing opportunities to work with the best and the worst leaders across the globe. As an ex CHRO of the year, I know my stuff about people & culture, but above all I have been a board member in successful and turn around PE funded businesses for more than a decade.
If you are looking for someone to help you reflect, sound check, plan and improve your leadership and/or online presence, I would love to be the one. I am open, direct, genuine, confident and caring enough to help you to your next level of success.
As part of my leadership coaching program for CEO’s, CHRO’s and Entrepreneurs, I have developed a unique method to create an intimate leadership TEAM development program to help you boost the growth and transformation of not only yourself but also your team. With some amazing results as proof point but also because it’s amazing to grow your team if you can!
Kiki van den Berg - Executive Vice President HR Strategy & Transformation - Rabobank
I am very grateful for having attended Anne’s exclusive 2-day coaching programme. A 24hr coaching retreat. Anne really gave me so many insights and above all, she is a super sweet and powerful woman! I am very happy that our paths crossed. I would highly recommend this exclusive 24hr programme to all executives!
Els Oosthoek - HR Director - Topaz
Anne is a force for good: warm, tough and innovative. She helped me at the start of a new HR management challenge to bring focus to my actions. Anne is a wonderfully enthusiastic discussion partner, but can also give the soberest of summaries you can think of. Talking to her feels like lighting an inner lamp. Highly recommended!
Peter van Hoof - Head of HR - ED&F MAN
Anne’s absolutely a bliss to work with as she adapts her approach to the needs and circumstances of the coachee. Mind-Boggling and at times confronting. I have worked with coaches before but have never gained more results than working with Anne. So of course I highly recommend her to everyone, and that is not only those who work in HR.
Katarzyna Pichler - Managing Partner at Innovatic Group
Anne is a great Executive Coach and Boardroom Consultant I love working with Every session has a strong impact: wow moment, insights, inspiration, motivation to act, strategic and operational action points to work on and the changes you make are sustainable.Her coaching helps you to bring the business and your senior team to the next level.

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