You are a professional and an expert and you know what to do, but I also know that this role can be a lonely one. The challenges and decisions a HR leader has to face can be overwhelming at times and there is never enough time in the day. You find yourself crazy busy with daily operational stuff and know you need a time-out to reflect on things, but when?  If you could only talk to someone about things, to get a second opinion or put things in perspective, but there are always so many things happening that you can’t share with your team (or your manager as they even might be part of the challenge)  and at home they often don’t really understand the dynamics you are working in. I can be your sparring partner, a trusted advisor to help guide your thinking, give quality input, share best practices with and challenge your line of thinking. I understand the context, challenges of the environment and have a similar intellectual understanding. I am a good listener and have a sense of humour :-)

I know my stuff and am passionate about helping you succeed even more in your role by sharing knowledge, inspiration and Innovation. I am a previous CHRO of the year and also a bit of a corporate HR rebel. I hope you decide to invest in yourself and start with allocating the time for your own personal development.

I am genuinely keen on boosting your talent and success and building your personal brand (online).

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Anne is a force for good: warm, tough and innovative. Talking to her feels like lighting an inner lamp. Highly recommended!
HR Directeur

Els Oosthoek

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Anne’s absolutely a bliss to work with. She is really great, mindboggling and at times confronting. In just 3 sessions we were able to unraffle ‘me’ in terms of my ‘recipe for success, my ‘drivers’, my ‘purpose‘, my ‘strongholds and a defined ‘personal brand’. I have worked with a coaches before but have never gained more results than working with Anne. I highly recommend her to everyone, and that is not only for who work in HR!
Head of HR

ED&F Man
Peter van Hoof

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

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