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I am on a mission to help innovate HR and support HR ChangeMakers across the globe with new insights, expertise, network and inspiration to make it happen. I regularly host events, write blogs, organize crazy stuff, host sushi and chardonnay parties :-) etc to get us together and share knowledge and best practises. I make sure I then distribute the learnings amongst the group. Teamwork makes the dream work!

The following CHRO’s are already supporting my initiative and helping where they can to share their expertise:

  • Esther Van Opstal (Mazars)
  • Annewieke Van Der Zee (Basf)
  • Judith Meeng (Bdr Thermea Group)
  • Mariette De Bruijn (Fedex)
  • Martijn Van Dort (Softwareone)
  • Edmonda De Visser (Endemol Shine Group - Ai)
  • Bart Lugtenberg (Nxp Semiconductors)
  • Suzanne Verzijden (Philips)
  • Annelies Balistreri (Denhartoghlogistics)
  • Robert-jan Van Berckel (Google)
  • Tjahny Berckx (Leaseplan)
  • Martijn Messemaker (Mollie Ai)
  • Florien De Nijs (Exact)
  • Serena Rahme (The Kraft Heinz Company)
  • Valérie Bohnen (T-systems Nl)
  • Ghislaine Aarts (Arriva)
  • Just In 't Velt (Asml)
  • Jeroen Overgoor (Eneco)
  • Raf Lamberts (Vanderlande)
  • Brent Van Rossem (Carnext)
  • Inca Van Uuden (Essent)
  • Janine Vos (Rabobank)
  • Abbe Luersman (Ex Ahold Delhaize / Otis)
  • Maryjo Charbonnier (Ex Wolters Kluwer - IBM)
  • Matthijs Metzemaekers (CEO Harver)
  • Leonie Lübbers (Logex)
  • Jenny Jane Seitner (Bucherer)
  • Hella van de Haterd (Ingenico)
  • Els Oosthoek (Topaz)
  • Suzanne Verzijden (Philips)
  • Sibyllie Weurthner (Tennet)

Be a ChangeMaker! Join the HR (r)evolution :-) #HRChangeMaker

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

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