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As previous CHRO of the year, in both the Netherlands as well as Germany, I have been awarded for being innovative in building great employee journey’s and also for being a bit of a corporate HR rebel because of my non traditional approach to building people strategy by starting it with the customer in mind, not the employee.

Sharing knowledge, inspiration and Innovation is now my signature to help other HR leaders create even more impact in their company or organization by improving the employee journey.

My signature dish is to improve employer branding via social media and design modern candidate journey's that attract the right talent.

Previous clients have contracted me amongst others to: 

  • Assess and improve the online popularity of their employer brand design, 
  • Boost the leadership & HR team’s online profile and presence 
  • Design a modern candidate journey (together with their Head of Talent & Recruitment team) and create buy in in their management organization for change
Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
So refreshing and enriching to work with Anne as a person and professional! She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and asks the right critical questions. Her genuine interest in our organization, the passion to help us improve it and her care for us as individuals is truly unique.
Managing Director

Paul Arakelian

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

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