Masterclasses & Key Notes

Looking for some new inspiration for the team or wanting to ensure you and your team are keeping up with the latest innovations and themes? I love to give online masterclasses of 1.5 hour to boost team morale by bringing new insights and energy but also have lots of experience doing Key Notes to inspire big audiences (for example 2000 people).

Frequent topics:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Your Perfect Online Profile
  • How to boost your employer brand online
  • Female leadership - a new era

We also provide high value/low cost individual 60 minute crash-course in a super innovative and fun way. The perfect gift to all your HR team members. Click here!

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
I am not sure I can actually articulate my feedback passed WOW!!! I am walking way from that even clearer on what I want. I want to be that change maker to influence, impact and truly make a difference. It was a highly emotive session for me and has really given me real food for thought on so many levels......
Head of HR

Rachel Malloy

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Anne, als ervaren en bevlogen spreker, hield onze gasten gedurende 1.5 uur actief betrokken bij haar nieuwe kijk op recruitment en online aantrekkingskracht van organisaties op potentiële werknemers. Dank Anne Jaakke voor de inspiratie: You absolutely made fans yesterday!!

Bureau Blaauw HR Search & Interim
Connie Blaauw

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

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