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I have worked and lived in over 20 countries around the world and worked in 4 different industries. I have had amazing opportunities to work with the best and the worst leaders across the globe. As an ex CHRO of the year, I know my stuff about people & culture, but above all I have been a board member in successful and turn around PE funded businesses for more than a decade.

If you are looking for someone to help you reflect, sound check, plan and improve your leadership and/or online presence, I would love to be the one. I am open, direct, genuine, confident and caring enough to help you to your next level of success.

As part of my leadership coaching program for CEO’s, CHRO’s and Entrepreneurs, I have developed a unique method to create an intimate leadership TEAM development program to help you boost the growth and transformation of not only yourself but also your team. With some amazing results as proof point but also because it’s amazing to grow your team if you can!

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
I am super grateful for Anne’s talent as a business coach to help me create clarity around my company’s strategy and admire her for how she keeps the overview in our creative marketing chaos ;-) I absolutely recommend her for entrepreneurs who want to take the next step in their branding, positioning or team

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Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

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