CHRO Leadership Program

Are you leading an HR transformation, digitalization and/or cultural change to get your business to the next level and ready for the future of work? Or are you reflecting if you personally are still on track?

Create a future-proof HR strategic & personal plan, share best practices with peer experts, and get back to work with double the energy & speed, in a special 3-day event. This activities of this retreat focuses on:

  • Reflecting & Planning:
    When was the last time you really paused to review how you are doing? If you are still on track, are you still happy with your results? Both as a person as well as the Senior HR Leader leading the charge. Do you have a sound plan for the future. Business & personal goals that excite you? Have you sound checked and compared notes with other peer experts?
  • Sharing & Networking:
    Being a Senior HR leader is often a challenging, complex and lonely job. We personally invited 6-8 other seasoned HR leaders with who you can form an unique expert community. Here we form new friendships that will last a career life time. The best place to benchmark, discuss and share.
  • Re-energizing:
    It has been a really challenging year, especially in your role as Senior HR leader. Your leadership has been tested and proven looking after the people in your business and your CEO, but what about yourself? Your energy levels define your success.

A selected 6-8 CHRO's join 2 HRD Facilitators with aims to surround you with the best of the best in your own field of expertise, benchmark, share best practices take time to reflect and plan during this unique exclusive HR Leadership Program that feels like a treat.

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
I attended Anne's Fantastic (HR) Leadership Program. The best "event/training/coaching..." ever! It's Intensive, in-depth, peer to peer coaching and brainstorming on strategic topics. A new powerful set up for empowering female leadership adding true value to any business. As a bonus a network of professionals which will last!

Valerie Bohnenn

Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke
Testimonial Quote about Anne Jaakke

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