Unique six-dimension
coaching model

The Anne Jaakke coaching programmes are transformative bespoke journeys designed to unlock your full leadership potential and transform the way you work and lead.

As an experienced executive coach, I have developed an unique coaching model that encompasses six essential dimensions for the successful personal development of every leader. It will enable you to achieve remarkable results both personally and professionally.

My coaching approach is tailored to your specific needs and aspirations, providing you with a holistic business toolkit to thrive as a new leader.
My program covers six different dimensions that I consider essential for the successful development of every leader. These dimensions are: competency, limiting beliefs, relationships, energy, systemic work, and organisational dynamics.


In the competency dimension, we focus on enhancing the skills, competencies and knowledge as a leader. It is essential to identify any obstacles that may be hindering progress and find ways to overcome them. This could include managing conflict, influencing, lack of certain knowledge or building better business cases.
In short enabling you to navigate complex challenges with confidence, ease and precision.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting (transparent) beliefs are beliefs that hold us back in achieving our true potential. They limit not only our performance, but also our state of happiness. During the coaching programme, we will identify these beliefs and develop new helpful beliefs that can replace them. This way, it becomes possible to break free from old patterns and self-imposed limitations.


In the relationship dimension, we aim to improve the relationship with oneself and others. This could include understanding how we really feel , understanding our emotions better, being less critical about ourself, learning to truly connect with others, and developing more empathy.
It will help you develop more meaningful and authentic connections with others, fostering collaboration, trust, and effective communication within your teams and networks.


Managing our own energy is an often overlooked dimension when wanting to boost our career, personal development and success. It encompasses not only physical energy but also spiritual and emotional energy.  Every athlete knows this is the most critical element of all.
Optimising your energy levels and well-being, enabling you to sustain peak performance, manage stress, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is also essential to know how to increase and shield your own energy from others to prevent depletion and maintain balance.

Systemic Work

Our family system goes much deeper and further than just the values and norms in which we grew up. It includes unconscious patterns and beliefs that influence our behaviour and leadership style, therefore, our job satisfaction, own success and that of our teams. In this dimension, we will explore what is happening unconsciously and how to break free from these patterns.

Organisational dynamics

Finally, we will cover the organisational system dimension. Each company has its unique system that can be traced back to its establishment. This includes the culture and values of the company. In this dimension, we will examine how you function as an individual leader within your companies system and how to manage it effectively.
Gaining insights into the broader organisational context and systems in which you operate, enabling you to navigate complexities, drive change, and foster a culture of innovation and high performance.
In summary, my coaching programmes are unique because they cover not one but six different dimensions.
The program is tailored to each individual leader's needs and focuses on discovering and developing their full potential in mulitple ways.