Premium CHRO Programme

A bespoke annual HR Leadership programme for you AND your team

You really want to invest in your team. Elevate them to a next level so you can elevate as well.
It's constantly in the back of your mind, knowing you actually need to spend more time with them to help them grow, work better together, step up, time.

It all starts with you though! Invest in yourself by investing your precious time.I know there is never enough time in your day, Let alone having the time to pause and reflect.
Want to be empowered, re-energised, share thoughts and ideas, get new insights in a safe haven while having some quality ME-leadership time?

The Premium CHRO Programme starts with you, literally.
In an exclusive 2 day programme in an beautiful and relaxing setting we focus on your status quo. Your goals and ambitions. Using my unique 6 dimension coaching model we start your own transformational journey to new leadership.

But it doesn't stop there.

This tailor made annual programme covers:

CHRO Mastermind Retreat
Quarterly Mastermind business reviews
Yearly CHRO Mastermind Event
Inner circle networking
Annual Strategic Planning


Team development offsites with your HR leadership team
Group coaching sessions online
Team Self Assessment
Team review
New insights, inspiration, information, innovation & impact

CHRO Mastermind Retreat

Gaining new perspectives, renewing your own energy and passion for leadership.
Refocus, recharge, and revisit your game plan in an impactful 2 day CHRO Mastermind Retreat.

It's exactly what you need to get back in the game, feel the passion (again) and lead others genuinely, authentically and with purpose.
Get in the best possible flow connecting mind and soul for great empowerment & insights into your own leadership journey.

It's the first step in an amazing annual leadership programme for you and your team!
The best project you can ever work on coming year!


CHRO Mastermind Retreat
Quarterly Business review
Yearly CHRO Mastermind Event
Annual Strategic Planning

HR Leadership Team

Team Development offsites (3x)
Team Self Assessment
Group Coaching online (3x)
Team review

Jenny Seitner
HRD - SalesForce Central Europe

Innovative agenda, market and personal insights, inspiration, broadening horizons and a world-class orchestration. I have been working with Anne for over 2 years. I can’t even begin to describe the positive impact her premium coaching programme had on my overall wellbeing, happiness and professional results. Highly recommended to those leaders who really want to take themselves to an incredible next level!

Kiki van den Berg
Global Director Human Resources
- Rabobank

I am very grateful to Anne. She really gave me so many insights and above all she is a super sweet, empowering and powerful woman! I am very happy that our paths crossed and I got to work with her over the past year. I would recommend her premium programme to any executive! She not only gave me and my team many new insights & tools, but also ensured that I always left energized, confident and positive with concrete actions and next steps. As a cherry on the cake the connections, locations and network are 5*.

Rick van Erp
CEO - Odyssey Hotel Group

I have been working with Anne for close to 2 years. In those years Anne helped me tremendously shaping the team and the company to make it fit for its future growth. Anne is a great listener and immediately identifies what the key priorities are and what the“nice to haves”. She is very experienced and perfectly understands the way companies are organized. She tries to find new, surprising ways to get things done. Anne is a people person and a great coach. I really like to work with Anne. I especially enjoy the speed and brightness the sessions always carry. For me she is my trusted advisor & go to person. I highly recommend all CEO’s to meet and work with Anne.