Leadership Team Programme

Get the best out of your leadership team!

I am committed around creating personalised leadership development experiences that not only boost your team's capabilities but also enhance the overall quality of your leadership cadre.

I have developed an unique method to create an intimate Leadership Team Development Programme to help you boost the growth and transformation of your team. With some amazing results as proof point!

Their Growth, Your evolution.
Elevate them, Elevate yourself.

"Leadership is not about being in charge.
It is about taking care of those in your charge."
-Simon Sinek -

Jasper Bron
CEO - Technogym

Anne brings new energy, empowers myself and my team, challenges the status quo and has great business acumen. I mostly enjoy her style, i.e. smart and direct questions, easy to talk to, innovative thinking, making complex things simple and always with a healthy sense of humour.

Jos Merx
Board of Directors - Zorggroep

Anne has guided us as Board of Directors as well as our Management Team, in a 12 month tailormade leadership & coaching program. "To the point, sharp, with great respect for people, but certainly not shy of real conversation". Not only CHRO of the year, but also a "firm" boardroom consultant. A pleasure to work with!

Katarzyna Pichler
Managing Partner
- Innovative Group (Austria)

The combination of her extensive expertise, boardroom experience, life wisdom and her ability to create the special atmosphere where you can truly open yourself, makes her coaching unique. The result is great! Her coaching helps you to bring the business and your senior team to the next level. Every session has a strong impact: wow-effects, insights, inspiration, motivation to act, strategic and operational action points to work on and the changes you make are sustainable. Each session leaves you feeling energized and motivated to act straight away and undertake next steps. It definitely brings a lot of value to your own personal and professional development as well as that of your team.

Paul Arakelian
Managing Director - P5COM

"So refreshing and enriching to work with Anne Jaakke as both a person and a professional! And I speak on behalf of our entire team as well. We have been working with Anne as our business coach, and it has truly brought us a lot. Anne brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and asks the right critical questions. Especially her genuine interest in our organization, the passion to help us improve it, and her commitment to us as individuals can only be described as exceptional."