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Welcome to the Success Stories section! Here, you'll find a curated collection of amazing companies I had the privilege to work with and the opportunity to make a significant impact. Each section provides a short description of the assignment, giving you a glimpse into the wide variety of challenges I helped to solve.

From defining a big corporate EVP and creating a new employer brand across 13 countries, merging a German & Dutch Talent Acquisition team and tackling immense recruitment challenges, scaling for international growth, cultural transformation, and directly supporting a CHRO leading the internal HR organisation through difficult times, I have helped tackle diverse issues.

I collaborated closely with these organisations as an expert senior consultant, working alongside CEOs, senior management teams, and HR leaders to assess their leadership capability, ignite transformation, help drive positive change and achieve their goals.

Explore these four incredible companies and envision how I could support you and your business.

Success stories

Odyssey Hotel Group

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Guiding a new hotel company to scale for significant international growth and build an exclusive brand.


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Creating a new EVP and Employer Brand globally.
Merging the German & Dutch Talent Acquisition teams. Designing a new uniform candidate journey.

Royal Schiphol Group

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Acting as the trusted advisor and mentor of the CHRO and her leadership team in challenging times.
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Florien de Nijs
CHRO - Exact

I am a big Fan of Anne and have been really excited to work closely together with her to create an amazing employer brand and candidate experience for Exact. Growing the online popularity amongst passive and active jobseekers, improving our online employer branding and helping us innovate our candidate journey were on my wish list from day one.

Esme Valk
CHRO - Schiphol Group

After attending Anne’s magical CHRO leadership program, it was a no brainer. She was my number 1 choice to support myself, my team and the business through a turbulent 12 month period. Anne is a true asset. She is energetic, warm and a true expert. Her capabilities to jump straight in, see the bigger picture and what needs to be done is such a blessing. You suddenly double the energy, speed and impact. Besides that I truly enjoy working with Anne, we have so much fun as well. I wish every CHRO an "Anne"