Individual Executive Coaching

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The challenges and decisions that CEOs and CHROs face can be a lot to handle. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Juggling daily tasks keeps you super busy, and you realize you need a break to think about things. But when can you find that break? Sometimes, you just wish you could talk to someone to get another perspective or some advice. But there's always so much going on, and you might not feel comfortable sharing with your team or manager since they could be part of the issue. And at home? They might not fully get the unique dynamics you deal with.

You are a successful leader, seasoned expert and you know what to do, but I also know that your role can be a lonely one,

That's where I come in. I can be the sounding board you need, a trusted advisor to help you sort through your thoughts first. I'll offer practical insights, share the best approaches, and even challenge your thinking if needed. A good listener and someone with a sense of humour!
Meet Anne
I help CEO's, entrepreneurs, senior management teams and HR leaders take their business and their own personal development to a next level.
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I get the environment you're in and the challenges you face because I've been there too.

This is the solid foundation beneath the work we do together but transforming your leadership requires new insights, new knowledge, new inspiration and someone that you trust to challenge your status quo and guide you to new ways of working.

I hope you decide to invest in yourself and your team and start with allocating the time for your own personal development.

I am genuinely keen on boosting your talent and success and help your leadership team excel to a next level.
Inge Zwaagman
Director HR Development
- Center Parcs Europe

It has been an incredible life & career changing experience to be working with Anne as my executive coach. I really look forward to each and every session as I know it will give me so many new insights both personally and professionally that will help me grow, unlock new potential and discover new routes and opportunities. Anne is my rock, mentor but also just a lot of fun to be around with.

Danielle Alewijn
CHRO - Swapfiets

I truly enjoyed Anne's Leadership Coaching. It is a beautiful coaching experience and a great combination of carefully selected ingredients and exercises with regards to self reflection, relaxation, new insights gathering and best practices learning. The cherry on the cake: A lovely community of HR ChangeMakers. A peer network for life. I highly recommend other HR leaders to be empowered by Anne and her unique coaching program!

Els Oosthoek
HR Director -  Topaz

Anne is a force for good: warm, tough and innovative. She helped me at the start of a new HR Director challenge to bring focus to my actions. Anne is a wonderfully enthusiastic discussion partner; but can also give the most sober summaries you can think of. Talking to her feels like lighting an inner lamp. Highly recommended!

Dominique Wildhagen
Head of HR - Technogym Benelux

Anne is my mentor and I love working with her. She is empowering and challenging at the same time, bringing me new energy & inspiration to further develop myself as well as boosting HR practices in our business. But most of all I can genuinely feel she is keen to help me succeed both in business as in life. I can highly recommend Anne to anyone that is keen to reflect and grow themselves and their business.

Barbara Vogelaar

Anne is a great and inspiring coach, who works from the heart.She understands board dynamics and her techniques, questions and observations are spot-on and motivating to do things differently straight away. I am super grateful for all the insights.I would highly recommend Anne as an executive coach!