Merging the German & Dutch Talent Acquisition teams. Designing a new uniform candidate journey.

The consultancy assignment was with Tennet, an energy company (TSO) with 6.000 employees across the Netherlands & Germany. HQ NL is in Arnhem, DE is in Bayreuth. I was appointed directly by the CFO Otto Jager and reported to the newly appointed CHRO Sybille Wuerthner. I worked closely together with the Head of Talent Acquisition till September 2022.

This special HR assignment involved 2 big elements

1. To redesign the candidate journey to decrease time to hire and improve the overall candidate experience and create uniform ways of working internationally.

2. Create synergy and uniform ways of working between the recruitment teams of Germany and NL.

I was responsible for the renewed design of the candidate journey and the overall roadmap. The consultancy activities involved a.o. Creating global recruitment standards and a global dashboard on talent acquisition with all parties involved. Ensuring good internal communications about the renewed process such as creating an internal video regarding the new recruitment process and various T2T sessions for hiring managers. Empowering and inspiring the various recruitment teams, delivering masterclasses, giving new insights, sharing expertise on vendors.

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