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As previous CHRO of the year, in both the Netherlands as well as Germany, I have been awarded for being innovative in building great employee journey’s and also for being a bit of a corporate HR rebel because of my non traditional approach to building people strategy by starting it with the customer in mind, not the employee.

Sharing knowledge, inspiration and Innovation is now my signature to help other HR leaders create even more impact in their company or organization by improving the employee journey.
Signature dish?

To attract talent in 2022, design and build a modern candidate journey.

Boost the knowledge and spirit of your talent acquisition team, and create buy-in for transformation from your stakeholders.
My signature dish is to improve employer branding via social media and design modern candidate journey's that attract the right talent.

Previous clients have contracted me amongst others to:
  • Assess and improve the online popularity of their employer brand design
  • Boost the leadership & HR team’s online profile and presence
  • Design a modern candidate journey (together with their Head of Talent & Recruitment team) and create buy in in their management organisation for change
Esme Valk
CHRO - Schiphol Group

After attending Anne’s magical CHRO leadership program, it was a no brainer. She was my number 1 choice to support myself, my team and the business through a turbulent 12 month period. Anne is a true asset. She is energetic, warm and a true expert. Her capabilities to jump straight in, see the bigger picture and what needs to be done is such a blessing. You suddenly double the energy, speed and impact. Besides that I truly enjoy working with Anne, we have so much fun as well. I wish every CHRO an "Anne"

Sibylle Wuehtner
CHRO - Tennet

Anne and I worked closely together for approximately one year. Helping me and my Talent Acquisition team to design and boost a future proof candidate journey & experience.  It was a great experience and led to amazing results. Anne is an absolute expert and a powerhouse. I also attended her one of a kind CHRO Mastermind Program. A truly transformational CHRO Leadership program. Empowering, authentic, using unconventional tools and having an amazingly personal approach. Loved it!

Vi Patel
COO - Hunkemoller

Anne has a different way of looking at HR and her ability to bring people to the forefront of the business has had a massive impact on delivering KPIs. She has helped our company win numerous awards such as: Retailer of the Year, Top Employer or CHRO of the Year. On a personal note, Anne has been a real sparring partner for me, a trusted team-player and she is a clear game changer. With Anne’s talent and her energy, I have no doubt that she will be able to also help a lot of other companies out there in setting, directing and executing a clear strategy and to help drive change.

Sarah Sammut
Director of People & Culture - Willow

There are people that have been key contributors to your success and this for me and many I know is Anne Jaakke. Anne is a disruptor and a game changing leader. She identifies cut through solutions and innovations to turn organizations around from its core, its people and their practices. Anne is an exceptional coach and her ability to drive performance is some of the most incredible movements I’ve seen in my career. Her work is Industry recognised. I had the privilege to work with Anne Jaakke while she was living in Australia.