A game of wordfeud

July 15, 2023

"Uh? What do you mean?" I ask my friends in surprise.

"See, I took a screenshot of it!" . “

“Oh my goodness” I stammer…. A thunderous burst of laughter from my friends follows.

It's great to be able to laugh at the wonderful world of marketing, and to discover it further and further, but sometimes I find it simply annoying that so many attempts prove to be necessary to find the right target group and to find the right message. Because,  well let that be clear, we are very passionate about helping HR teams improve their employer branding and engagement online via social media, but advertising #Fantistics during wordfeud or scrabble…? Fortunately that says more about my friends than about us. 😄

Why marketing is so important to HR?

In my opinion, it is urgent & necessary for HR to transform itself into a results-oriented department with innovative ways of working. Marketing and new engagement skills are very much needed to make this possible. In 2020 it is a must for (future) employees to find your company on social media and have a positive impression. How else then via social media do candidates find their way to their dream job? Employees stay engaged? In addition, everyone is always working hard to increase employee satisfaction internally, but this is often still done in the old-fashioned way. Internal and external engagement is massively important and mostly online. After months of endless hard work and many nights of podcast recording, the masterpiece is now really ready; a unique online training and a fantastic company program.

Everyone in HR can now use this latest expertise to put his / her company on the “social media” map as quickly as possible and call himself / herself an employer branding specialist on his / her CV with confidence. Where are we now? We have already gone through many phases, but it is often still not fast enough for me. Fortunately, the new collaboration with our partner Tasper is magical and the technological development of our #Fantistics dashboard smooth. The demo version will be ready soon.

One year after coming up with the idea, the latest innovation in HR, our #Fantistics dashboard will really see the light soon. What do we struggle with most as a team? The marketing expressions that appeal to our target group, clarify our proposition and create urgency to transform, especially now. This is not as simple as initially thought. What we as HR ChangeMakers consider as a no brainer is clearly not a no brainer for everyone.

How do HR teams and / or companies interact?

Which message is most appealing? Conversion is the key word, creating value one of the most important ingredients, but yesterday's method often doesn't seem to work anymore today. In recent months I have studied the entire marketing funnel and I am now seriously wondering whether marketeers can still see the forest for the trees. Fortunately, the first innovators already know where to find us. But what other marketing communications do we need to wake up everyone in HR? Wordfeud, scrabble...

I will continue to puzzle myself for the time being.

Anne Jaakke
HR ChangeMakers
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