Be your own architect of your recruitment success or learn magic :-)

July 15, 2023

HR feels the increasing pressure to recruit new employees, while it has been a long time since it was a subject for HR alone. Anne Jaakke on how to approach recruitment in this market.

It seems that almost every company now faces the same challenge: how do I fill my vacancies? HR is feeling the pressure, the operational side of the business is feeling the frustration, and the most understaffed departments are feeling the heat. They often have the company's biggest challenges on their shoulders, while simultaneously having the largest number of job openings (IT!). It is also frustrating as a CTO to have to lead a technical revolution without the soldiers to win the war.

"Continue to regularly measure your results and your popularity as an employer."

Most companies are still trying to solve this problem with an old-fashioned approach: spending a lot of money on external recruitment agencies... That has never been the right solution.

So what should you do to solve this problem? I am asked this question daily by CHROs, CTOs and CEOs. This already shows one thing: it is no longer an HR issue only. And it never should have been that anyway. For about a year now, the realization has finally arrived that quickly hiring the right people is a huge challenge that in today's market only can be tackled collectively.

This business problem requires a collective effort by the entire team. Make sure that the management team, the HR team and the rest of the organization understand what the actual need for recruitment is. What is the real problem that needs to be solved in the current way of working and what is the "gameplan" to achieve the goal? Who can contribute when and how? What are the obstacles that need to be overcome?

What needs to change?  

And then the other part of the question: what to do? First of all, each person must take personal responsibility and focus to solve the problem! To do this, literally schedule a decent amount of time in your agenda. You really need to consider it as important. Work together in one team with both internal parties and external experts. Think about what is notworking and why? What needs to change? Create options and understand the implications. Create a few good proposals and decide collectively which one is the best. Do this carefully, but quickly. After all, you don't have time to waste.

Change the mindset, practices, culture and processes related to solving the recruitment problem. This requires a collective effort from both internal individuals and teams as well as external experts with innovative solutions. It requires an agile roadmap to solve the recruitment basics anno 2022 as soon as possible. But also a strategic plan for the next 2-3 years. Continue to regularly measure your results and your popularity as an employer. Enable continuous investment in the further development of your candidate journey.

If you want a constructive solution to fill your vacancies a lot easier from now on, my advice in summary is the following (see the HR ChangeMakers model The Recruitment below):  

1.              Make decisions based on data; when you measure you will know[IvOMSB1]

2.              Take the ideal candidate journey as a starting point  

3.              Build the chain of interactions with passive and active job seekers with different (HR-tech)solutions/services

No, the last one is by no means easy in terms of technical integrations, but it will increase the candidate experience, the speed of the journey and the final result. After all, a single application that can do it all does not exist. So be the architect of your recruitment successor learn magic :-)

Anne Jaakke
HR ChangeMaker
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