The essential traits for the successful HR ChangeMaker

July 15, 2023

Rediscovering yourself as an HR leader and wanting to expand and share your knowledge with like-minded people are key conditions for success.

As a child, I always asked as soon as I woke up, "What are we having for dinner tonight? The question on my mind every morning now is: How do I empower and support as many HR ChangeMakers as possible? Because of their successful track record, I asked 30 leading CHROs from multinational companies during a series of team sessions what exactly they did to get HR in their organization to the next level.

"Network learning is the future, customised experiences make the difference"

And what you need to be an HR ChangeMaker to make that happen? As a follow-up to the HR Evolution Model from my previous blog, the answer to the following question will be given: What traits and practices do you need as a CHRO to take the evolution of HR to the next level?

Although the transformation from outdated practices to modern employership anno 2021 is an absolute must to be competitive in today's job market, I know now that a lot of HR professionals are struggling to find the right modus operandi and stay the course. Those team sessions produced the following results*).

Is this list the recipe for HR success? No, it is an ingredient. The magic is in the composition and quality of many ingredients, but above all: your personal ambition and drive. After all, isn't the best apple pie always the one made with care and love?

Still, as far as I am concerned, regularly rediscovering yourself, delving into yourself and wanting to increase and share your knowledge with like-minded people is the single most important ingredient of the recipe for success. Sort of like what apples as an ingredient mean to a good apple pie.

Big Sister House

Therefore, as an experiment, I organized a unique CHRO (re)treat with my own secret recipes, to share and grow together. A kind of Big Sister House where eight international CHROs spent three days together. It was a great success. Not only because of the laughs and tears at the kitchen table or the recognition at the campfire, but especially because of the time-out to reflect and rediscover yourself and your profession.

In the first group, by the way, your own energy management and sharing each other's HR strategic plan proved especially popular topics of conversation. The insights I gained during the retreat and the coaching sessions afterwards? Network learning is the future, customised experiences make the difference and power will be released when you can be vulnerable and strong in a safe group.

The participants in the first Big Sister group were such cheerleaders for each other, and also for me. I decided not to leave it atone experiment...what a wonderful prospect!

Anne Jaakke
HR ChangeMakers
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